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Hey everyone, it has been a while since I had been regularly posting content to this blog, but that is  going to change. I am working on multiple pieces to put up here, the first of which will come be up next monday. I will be discussing several topics in these pieces, including gun control, … Continue reading


The Singularity and the Future-Human under Capitalism

The Singularity and the Future-Human under Capitalism. “Power determines the distribution and use of technology. The ethics of a technology are dependent upon its use, largely determined by powered classes. Social, political, and economic structures define the relationship between humanity and technology. Corporations, states, and the powered classes control the flow of commodities in a … Continue reading


Life is Violent – Why White Pride is a Problem

“One is about pride in heritage while the other is about pride in supremacy.”   “Pride in your heritage is a beautiful thing. No matter that heritage. Pride in the atrocities of a group, that is a cruel sickness.” Life is Violent – Why White Pride is a Problem. Original site: Continue reading