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To all the people on here who think what is happening in Boston is acceptable

There is no one out shooting cops and blowing things up. There was one confrontation with police HOURS AGO. This guy is gone or dead somewhere from injuries incurred. He is not hiding in every basement in Boston (though the police searches seem to indicate that).

They are incompetent if they lost track of him with all the technology they have when they were close enough to have a shoot out at some point.

Also, it’s called the fourth amendment. This is defacto martial law and violates the rights of everyone under “lockdown”. Not to mention it makes the cops look incredibly stupid (which we already knew was the case anyways).

Stop just accepting things under a false guise of “security”. And why can’t I talk about the politics of this? The state does. They are using it to normalize you to this immense police presence so that when it is used to oppress free speech you accept it as long as they say it’s because of a “terrorist threat”.

Are you really all so gullible that you don’t understand this? Are you all so xenophobic, ignorant, isolated, nationalistic and fear-ridden that you don’t see how the state and the ruling classes are politicizing this for their own advantage? Or are you caught up in the fear that you can’t defend yourself and that you need some sort of over-reaching state apparatus to oppress you in order to “protect and serve”?

Can we start thinking critically yet? Or must we resign to the role provided to us by the state – keep quiet and obey?


I plan to write future posts about this stuff in Boston in the coming weeks.


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